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But you feel the movement — up, down, pitching side to side. The problem starts in the vestibular system, a series of fluid-filled canals and chambers in the inner ear.This system includes three semicircular canals, all lined with hair cells, so named for their hair-like projections into the liquid-filled channels.But we keep coming back to the same question - do our viewers want to see just one clip win a staggering amount of money, or would they rather that won a little something?We still think it's the latter - in Britain we like all our losers to be winners.Keep Initial Conversations Light In college, we referred to the over-share as vomit-dating. But resist the urge to tell your blind date about all your deepest, darkest secrets.Trust me, they really don’t care about that lingering medical condition or your recurring dream about scary clowns. Have Some Questions At The Ready One of the easiest ways to keep your initial conversation free of awkwardness is to have a few good questions ready.Virtual reality, long the stuff of sci-fi movies and expensive, disappointing gaming systems, appears poised for a breakout.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent billion in 2014 to acquire Oculus VR and its Rift virtual-reality headsets.

Colonel Richard Kemp said: “The Army will not turn a blind eye to this kind of behaviour and they will punish the people responsible.” In the video, filmed last week, the soldiers are shown urinating and defecating in plastic cups. One downs the human waste before being sick into a bin.

If you randomly survey singles about the very worst parts of being single, you will inevitably hear, “I’m sick of being setup on blind dates.” When I was single, I went on several blind dates before I eventually met my wife.

My heart was always somewhere between hope and skepticism as I prepared for those dates.

Google now sells a boxy cardboard viewer that lets users turn their smartphone screens into virtual- reality wonderlands for a mere .

And You Tube just introduced live, 360-degree streaming video.

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