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The site was born in 2003, a year before Facebook, as an image and message board in the style of a similar Japanese board called 2chan, or Futaba.

The identity of its 15-year-old founder, Christopher Poole, became widely known after he gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal in 2008 in an article titled "Modest Web Site Is Behind a Bevy of Memes."Poole wanted to create a version on 2chan for American audiences to share his fascination with Japanese comics and television shows, the Journal said.

It instantly finds interest from users of Something Awful's ADTRW board, lightly amused at the prospect of a Futaba Channel of their own.

Some questions and answers about 4chan: How did 4Chan start?Now it's maintained in order to keep it up to date with current events.Original sources of the timeline where: The 4chan Board Timeline is a project meant to provide information on the addition dates of all 4chan boards and textboards.” Countless cultural phenomena formed on 4chan (see box).Although its roots are hard to decipher, hacking network Anonymous – responsible for cyber-activity like the one in 2015, where it took down Isis-related Twitter accounts following the Paris attacks – is believed to have started here.

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