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Rock properties, sample location on outcrops, and outcrop proximity to the former ice margin control the magnitude of cosmogenic nuclides inherited from periods of prior exposure.

Four of five samples from very hard metarhyolite outcrops with widely spaced joints contain inherited nuclides; two samples carry the equivalent of 150,000 yr of surface exposure, even though they were covered by ice during the last-glacial-maximum advance.

In three outcrops, nuclide abundances were up to eight times higher than predicted by the radiocarbon chronology.

At these three sites, several thousand years of ice flow eroded only centimeters to decimeters of rock, allowing a significant quantity of nuclides (10 for these rocks.

The change requires less financial responsibility for the organization, and therefore will help more people in the area who need the affiliate's support and services. Komen SCWI has dedicated two decades of supporting individuals and families facing a breast cancer diagnosis in South Central Wisconsin.

Take a walk through this historic man-man wonder and envision the lives of the brave service members who fought battles beneath the sea to protect our country. Hearthstone Historic House Museum – Appleton On September 30, 1882, this grand home located along a bluff overlooking the Fox River became the first house in the world to be lit by a hydroelectric station.

The mansion’s rare, original Thomas Edison light switches and electroliers are still operational.

Three psychiatry residents have completed their degrees and will live and work for four years in central Wisconsin to complete their practical training. Ryan Stever, already bought a house here with his wife, who's a nurse.

There's a 60 to 70 percent chance any resident will continue to live in the community where they trained, said Dr.

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Now a museum, the beautiful house showcases the work of Thomas Edison and features vintage furnishings from the late 1800s.

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