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The Rolleiflex TLR film cameras were notable for their exceptional build quality, compact size, modest weight, superior optics, durability, simplicity, reliable mechanics and bright viewfinders. The high-quality 7.5 cm focal length lenses, manufactured by Zeiss and Schneider, allowed for a smaller, lighter, more compact camera than their imitators.

The highly regarded Zeiss Planar f2.8 and Schneider Xenotar lenses, both 80mm focal length and fast in comparison, are both state of the art optics.

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This letter indicates the year that your Contax (and many other prewar Zeiss-Ikon cameras) was produced.

Once you know the code it’s easy to date them at a glance.

I love shooting wide open as well so again that's why I chased the Planar.

So I am debating whether to return this item to KEH or just accept the fact that this is what you get for 0 and dealing with KEH. There is one other odd thing however with the serial number which I believe is the seven digit number above the "Rolleiflex" name on the camera.You can see a picture of it here: bought this TLR for lens Sharpness and cause of the low price.I have a Yashica Mat 124G already and wanted to get a Rolleiflex with the sharpest lens I could.Be aware of the fact that the serial number on the body and the removable back were originally the same.If the numbers are different, this indicates that the back was replaced or mixed up by some one with access to more than one camera time in the past.

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Need some advice on a recent purchase: I bought a Bargain condition Rolleiflex from KEH for $310.

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