Dating someone with a terminal illness

Susan, a stage 4 breast cancer patient, and her brand new husband Jeff, shortly after their wedding in July 2016.The pair met via an online dating site while Susan was going through treatment.She tried to break up with me explaining that I didnt deserve to be with someone that was at risk and that she didnt want me to get hurt.

Even so, given how many married people stray — estimates range from 20 percent to 50 percent — it's a safe bet that the number is significant.I still consider her my girlfriend and have not even thought about leaving or being with anyone else.She keeps me at a distance, but I try to let her know that I am there for her and still love her.Fear; financial devastation; the loss of body parts and/or sexual function; the stress of watching someone you care about grow weaker and possibly die: that's a lot for any partner to take on.But getting dumped after diagnosis isn’t the only storyline when it comes to love in the time of cancer.

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