Fun dating ideas winter

Organize a game of two-hand touch football with a few of your friends and her friends.

Set up a full-blown tailgate in the parking lot and have everyone bring a wintery item like chili, pot roast, hot cider and gingerbread cookies.

: I've enjoyed a great number of fall and early winter months picking apples with friends or on a date, or attending an apple festival in a smaller community with many different varietals to choose from. It can be quite a magical experience if you time it right.

Find a local bar or distillery that offers bourbon tastings and learn the difference between a 7-year-old 107-proof and a single barrel, 86-proof.

"A fun thing to do during the holidays is drive around looking at the lights.

My boyfriend and I love to pop in the corny kids' songs Christmas playlists and go driving around checking out how our friends and family decked out their houses." "The holiday season ends up being a crazy time for buying presents.

In the summer, “exploring a new neighborhood” while “drinking iced coffee” is a totally respectable option. Clutching each other because sledding is secretly terrifying? You need snow and a hill and some kind of disk or tray big enough for sitting on, but once you’ve got that, you’re set.

More than respectable — that’s the romcom date montage ideal and it also happens to cost you .75 or whatever two coffees go for these days. Also, you can have hot toddies after, and while those aren’t free, sledding is a day time activity, so you can time this one for a happy hour discount.

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