Mandating direct deposit

"The goal of every company is to become a low-cost high-service provider," says Cliff Struhar, director.

"A best practice payroll system can pay significant dividends." Because finance must scrutinize the up-front cost of payroll systems and monitor organizational efficiencies, finance managers need to understand the factors that lead to success.

Poorly designed systems can bring on a migraine at tax reporting time.

As companies migrate to direct deposit, digital pay stubs, payroll debit cards and electronic tax reporting, the road to success has become littered with wrecks.

Our Office of Adjudication and Review (ODAR) is reporting great success of its Representative Video Project (RVP) initiative.

In 2008, ODAR introduced the RVP that allows representatives and their clients to participate in Administrative Law Judge hearings from their own office video sites.

The professional practice of behavior analysis is the delivery of interventions to consumers that are guided by the principles of behaviorism and the research of both the experimental analysis of behavior and applied behavior analysis.

This site contains information and links to assist both claimants and their representatives through the benefit and appeals processes.

Perry was the longest-serving governor in Texas history.

Perry was elected three times to full gubernatorial terms and is the fourth Texas governor (after Allan Shivers, Price Daniel and John Connally) to serve three terms. Perry ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 20.

This is rapidly changing as Behavior Analysts are becoming more and more common.

The professional practice of behavior analysis is a hybrid discipline with specific influences coming from counseling, psychology, education, special education, communication disorders, physical therapy and criminal justice.

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The field of behavior analysis grew out of the scientific study of principles of learning and behavior.

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