Mars invades puerto rico

Quinones told us, “From now on she’s getting a bodyguard when she goes to events.” A rep for Mars didn’t get back to us.Since the name, as well as the basic premise, of Frankenstein was in the public domain, it turned up in film titles generally synonymous with the word "Monster." Throughout the classic Universal series the name was alternately given to the descendants (sons, daughters, grandchildren, and distant relatives) of the original mad doctor/creator as well as to the undying creature itself.In this film, Frankenstein is a robotic astronaut--an Astrobot--named Col Frank Saunders (Robert Reilly).The generic sounding "Space Monster" proves to be a caged beast doing the bidding of pseudo-humanoid aliens.Both were enormous hits this year, and set the stage for Mars to push his début album, “Doo-Wops & Hooligans,” which has already spawned two No.1 singles, “Just the Way You Are” and “Grenade,” which is still at No. Mars has an easily marketed wholesome feel that predates much of pop itself—he evokes, both physically and tonally, Jackie Wilson, the sixties pop star who inspired Michael Jackson perhaps more than any other single performer.

Virginia Film Festival chief Richard Herskowitz admits, " I'm ashamed to say it, but my film experience contains several embarrassing gaps, such as never having seen D. Griffith's Intolerance or Garrett's Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster." Perhaps screenwriter Ed Naha summed FMSM up most eloquently in his Horrors: From Screen to Scream, when he simply called it "the pits." "The big gross-out" Directed by Robert Gaffney, FMSM tells the touching story of Martians, clad in what resemble souped-up beekeepers' outfits, on a mission to kidnap beach bunnies for procreative purposes.

Led by the nefarious Princess Marcuzan and her aptly named dwarf assistant Nadir, the invaders deploy the terrifying Mull Monster, a gigantic, mangy, obese sort of buzzard with antennae.

a star arrives with no story, or with a story so pat that you could guess it while knowing only a bit of the script.

It’s not easy dating heart-throb singer Bruno Mars.

Sources say his new girlfriend, model Jessica Caban, is “scared for her life” because Mars’ obsessive fans want her out of the picture.

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