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Ive been to three such events sponsored by an online dating service. I find lots of women Im attracted to at these functions, perhaps up to a quarter or a third of the total attendees.(Incidentally, the average age is 40-plus; Im 55.) While I said YES on my ballot to lots of them, very few of the women I was attracted to selected me on their ballot. I lead an active life, own my own business, Im educated, and blah blah blah.Speed dating offers the perfect relaxed and pressure free solution for how to meet new people who are on the same page.And what’s the difference between falling in love and staying in love?In this delightful talk, philosopher Yann Dall'Aglio explores the universal search for tenderness and connection in a world that's ever more focused on the individual.A wise and witty reflection on the state of love in the modern age.

I said YES on my ballot to seven of them, and MAYBE to four.Thirty-something preschool teacher Sarah Nolan has been divorced for eight months, which is much too long for her family to bear.With the best intentions and only her happiness in mind, they stage an intervention in an all-out effort to get her out of pajamas and back into the dating scene, one way or another.The time-honored search for a soul mate has always been one part humiliation, two parts aggravation, and a little blind luck thrown in for the fortunate.Today's version of the game can be a blur of websites, speed lunches and hordes of friends and relatives who know just the "right" person for you.

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Granted, trying to look cute would be the last thing on my mind while attempting Warrior I pose, but yoga is supposed to be good for stress, and what’s more stressful than trying to hit it off on a blind date?

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