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I have been following various Widget Tutorials such as this one and this one I have tried adapting their code to my purposes, and I have tried straight-up copy paste.

It seems no matter what I do, my widget NEVER gets updated.

with parenthesis “()” - this is because what we want in this case is the return value of the function, which is the SQL expression construct that will be rendered into the INSERT or UPDATE statement.This makes the data flow explicit and localized into self sustained components, it also allows for reusable components that are not dependent of other data management libraries, like flux, redux, etc.React components can be understood as functions that map the data from the domain into interactive UI elements, each component receives data as and returns UI elements (or other components that will ultimately return UI elements).The widget is configured correctly and works fine but doesn't update like it should as it is a digital clock.The xml android:updateperiodmills only updates every 30 mins but i need to update or set the Text View at least every second like ive done using a run method in the main app.

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It defines a contract for data to bubble up the render tree, and update the root state object, without the need of extra libraries and imports.

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