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Unparalleled comfort and fit that you must hold to believe. Our eyes can take in a lot, but this camera grabs even more at 135°.Capture a sprawling skyline, a packed stadium concert, or the entire beach, all that your eyes can see plus more. Take both a standard and wide angle photo at the same time.To learn more about how we can help your business, please visit our PCB Product Comparison page.If you are ready to order, simply input your board information into one of our quote forms.I ran a box of rios through it clean, but that was just 1 box. I have made sure there isn't a bunch of oil on the breech face. I'm not sure what else to do, other than sending it back which I would prefer not to do.I had a failure to fire with a Herter's load a couple weeks ago, but I've shot 20 to 30 cases of the shells, so having one bad one out of that bunch isn't bad.I'll probably watch Ben's video again tomorrow and then Toss it on E-Bay What I've noticed from most 'eye-cam' videos is that the view is not exactly what your eye would see. I'd rather see a 'shot-kam' view, but the eye cam is certainly better than Gebben's over the shoulder view.The camera is always slightly off in both planes from where it needs to be. I also felt like Gebben's videos were flawed in that the 'hold-point' graphic (the red circle) would stop as soon as the shot was triggered.

We will resume normal shipments as UPS and Fed Ex resume normal pickups and deliveries. In the table below is a comprehensive list of Sunstone's key printed circuit board manufacturing capabilities.

What I didn't like: The nature of the "Method Star" is that pretty much every target can be shot with 2 methods.

So it made for a bit of a repetitive video as he showed how to use his method star on an array of target types.

This list is designed to help you understand if Sunstone's capabilities are a match for your design.

It will also allow you to plan ahead and create your design within these capabilities so that you can be sure Sunstone can produce your PCB.

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BTW, the firing pin hit the primer HARD and made a substantial depression in it, but it still wouldn't fire.

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