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"The first thing that struck me was the sincerity in their vocals.Actress Jennifer Carpenter and Avett Brothers frontman Seth Avett have officially tied the knot.

cott Avett sits on a leather couch in the front of a tour bus pulling out of the parking lot of L. His band, the Avett Brothers, just finished a rowdy show before a crowd that included Rick Rubin and Judd Apatow, who stopped by the aftershow meet-and-greet and told the band he's cried while listening to its music.The Avetts spent a decade playing revved-up, bluegrass-steeped pop before breaking through with 2009's Rick Rubin-produced , which showed off their heartfelt, plain-spoken hooks and harmonies straight from the North Carolina mountains they grew up around."The Avetts have a completely unique and original form of roots music," says Rubin, who has produced each of their last three albums.He recently auditioned (unsuccessfully) for two movie roles – one as the lead in the Coen brothers' and another in an upcoming film about a jaded rock star, though Scott admits he didn't read the full script until the day of his table read with Anne Hathaway. ' It was obvious to me I was way out of my league." There are roots acts that trade on their outsize (or outlaw) personalities – think Johnny Cash or, more recently, Deer Tick – but the Avett Brothers are not one of those bands."It's an emotional scene, and Anne starts welling up in tears," he says, as the bus rolls down the 101 freeway toward a Holiday Inn. Led by Scott and his somber, thickly bearded brother, Seth, 33, the Avetts have the industriousness of a Nashville band, keeping expenses low, studio output high and their nose to the grindstone.

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"I felt pretty equipped," she said about taking on a new role.

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