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When Sky was launched (with a whopping 40GB of capacity) about 10 years ago, it was discovered that you could upgrade the hard drive for more capacity (and so recording time). All Sky units we're familiar with employ hard drives with a ribbon-cabled interface known as 'IDE' or 'PATA'.Drives with this interface are now obsolete and difficult to obtain – for the benefit of Sky users we hope to discuss a workaround in the near future.

As we revealed the other day, Sky Q is finally getting Ultra HD.When Sky HD started nearly three years ago, there were only eight hi-def channels to choose from (including BBC HD). But in that time the capacity of the internal hard disk drive that the Sky HD box uses as a recording medium has not been increased proportionately.Odd, given that the price of high-capacity drives has plummeted.Additional Pay-Per-View events on Sky Box Office HD are not available to customers unless they subscribe to the Sky HD pack.As of June 2014, subscription numbers for Sky HD stood at over 5.2 million, an increase from 4.8 million the year before.

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It should be noted that Sky HD boxes have now been discontinued, whereby if you're a new Sky customer, you'll only have the option to order a Sky Q box.

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