Updating the maps on my garmin

I remember having Tom Tom and it was a breeze to do map updates on it, until it broke when one of my kids stepped on it. it is updating since 6 hours and it still writes 20 hours remaining ?? Can´t be that difficult to install proper servers for the updates ! Actually my internet connection is a 150Mbit/sec connection. No other update mechanism I ever used is so slow..... Normally on my computer and wireless connection downloading 5 GB will take maybe 3 hours at most. The progress bar remained blank most of the time, and eventually showed about 1%, and the remaining download time kept fluctuating between 2 hours and 23 hours most of the time.So, bottom line is, one should not go through hell to have maps updated on their GPS. All my downloads are very fast (around 10-18 megabyte per second, depending on the sites I use). The whole Garmin update infrastructure and mechanism is just painfully slow. (And i used a lot of them because I'm a IT professional, sw engineer, sw designer and sw architect and I use software and development tools every day of the year....) This is just ludicrous. I think the slowness is coming from Garmin servers and multiple customers trying to update their maps at the same time. It is now Friday evening (weekend in other locations) so maybe this is a busy time for updating maps. But then suddenly I got the "Update Complete" message after about 2 hours total.The map datafile, for the Europe map, is now about 2.5 Gb which does take some time to download and also over an hour to install.

Ridiculously, I also had to choose a smaller map (lower 49 states) AND loose the voice activation feature because of not having enough memory. have we gained that masny more roads all of a sudden and/or 'created' more land in the US? I have a Garmin 390 for Motorbikes, EU maps, my internet is 100Mb/s on cable ... No other program on my computer updates as slow as the Garmin map update. I purchased Garmin nuvi 2689 LMT, and started the update/download for US maps. After I started the download it keeps flashing different remaining download times non stop such as 1 hour, 22 hours, 17 hours 8 hours, 20 hours, 3 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours etc..after a half hour it shows no progress bar yet, not even 1%. It took only about 2 hours to download all the updates (including maps - 5 GB total) to my Garmin nuvi 2689 LMT.

Kjell I just updated a Garmin Nuvi 50 and it took 26 minutes to download plus a few minutes to install.

I think the "bottleneck" is your internet connection.

You can find the link to download Web Updater on the “Support” section of the Garmin.

Select the “Download” option from Web Updater to install all available software for your particular GPS model.

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